Hi, I'm



I speak geek. I speak marketing. I speak design.

I love problem solving and creating beautiful solutions from high-end online experiences to simple communications, and everything in between.

As a seasoned professional in the design field I have worked on numerous projects ranging from corporate identity, website design, content creation, project management, UX/UI, creative strategy, photo shoot direction, online/offline marketing campaigns and much more.


Establishing a consistent message and image that depicts a company's core values and creates loyalty from their target audience is the essence of branding. It is a strategic approach that goes beyond the design of a logo and colors, and into the depth of creating a promise to inspire brand loyalty.


I love to find new solutions and think outside the box in everything I do. To find that unique approach that breaks through the noise of normalcy and evoke emotions. Whether I am creating a brochure for a client or working on a painting for myself, the mind is always churning with ideas. I enjoy living in the mad-scientist mode of creativity.


I think it is vital to spend time creating art that is tangible and fun, to expand beyond the pixels, technical requirements and deadlines. It helps me to get back to my passion for art and relaxes my overstimulated brain. My guilty pleasures include refinishing furniture, acrylic painting, drawing and photography.

My work

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